About these Slides

All pictures on this website have been either extracted from one of Russell Peppe’s many hard drives, or have been recovered from his slide collection.

I scanned the slides with a Kodak Slide-And-Scan, and then passed the images through filters for color, tone, and exposure. This helped to reduce the obvious degradation caused by time. I edited each image by hand for dust, and then processed each with a neural filter to recover a small amount of detail.

In some cases, scratch reduction algorithms have removed fine details from linear objects like chains and wires, but I’ve done my best to reduce this. In other cases, color correction neural filters have been used, and might have incorrectly colored an image. If you see an image that doesn’t look quite right, contact me, and I’ll fix it.

The website is hosted on the InTune.Services web server, which I use to host both my personal website and Kati’s Diamond Canine website, including her online training academy. It also serves Starbird Music, and several other local businesses and churches. This server sends and receives over a gigabyte of traffic and 100,000 unique requests daily.

In order to more rapidly serve content, even during times of heavy traffic, it uses Cloudflare’s content delivery network (CDN) to speed up delivery. The images are served using Smush’s CDN, which serves them in the extremely efficient WebP format and optimally for your particular screen. The slides are displayed in Envira Gallery.

The magical results of neural filters and processing!